Make a Difference Today at Pioneers by Contributing

Types of Donations and Methods of Giving
Counting the Benefits of Giving Cash
Breaking Down the Tax Benefits
Stocks and Securities
Planned Giving or Deferred Gifts
Charitable Gift Annuities

All gifts to the PMH Foundation will make a positive difference in someone’s life. And as the foundation is a qualified 501(c) (3) charitable organization, your donation might provide a positive tax benefit to you.

Please consult with your legal and other professional advisors relating to gifts and contributions. One-time Gifts by Cash, Check or Online Cash and Checks are the traditional method of support, and may the simplest for many of our Donors. They also offer the most immediate assistance to the Foundation, and therefore the most immediate support for our projects.

Online donations are now also an option via our website. A Donor may choose to submit either their credit card information or can initiate an electronic transfer of funds.

Memorials allow the Donor to make a gift as an expression of sympathy. Support to the Foundation is a longer lasting way to honor a loved one or neighbor than with flowers.


Tributes may be made in honor of a friend or loved one: to celebrate a birth or a birthday; a graduation: an engagement, wedding, or anniversary: a reunion: or just to say Thank you!


Memorial and Tribute gifts will be acknowledged to the honoree or honoree’s family, in addition to acknowledgement to the Donor.

When you make an outright contribution to Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation a donation you immediately impart we both benefit.

Your generosity enables us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis. Your benefits include:

  • The ability to choose how your gift is used.

  • The opportunity to see the results of your generosity.

  • An immediate charitable deduction on your income taxes.

The federal income tax deduction encourages the support of nonprofit institutions by reducing the out-of-pocket cost of your philanthropy. For gifts of cash, the deduction would be up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income.


If your gift exceeds the ceiling, the excess deduction can be carried over and deducted for up to five additional years.

Gifts of securities to a 501-C-3 non-profit may offer substantial tax advantage to the Donor. The Foundation accepts publicly-traded securities and accepts closely-held securities under certain conditions. For information, please ask for a copy of our Gift Acceptance Policies.

Sustained Giving


Our pledged giving programs offers the opportunity to participate at regularly scheduled intervals, either monthly, quarterly or annually.


Businesses and Individuals can contribute through checks, online credit card contributions, or electronic fund transfers. Payroll deductions may be available to you if your employer offers that option. To participate online, click on “donate now”. To participate in other ways, please contact us for more information.


Pioneers Memorial Hospital employees can participate through payroll deductions. If you are a PMH employee, and wish more information or to sign up for participation, please contact the Foundation (760) 351-4498 or Human Resources.

Advance planning allows Donors to provide for a future legacy, and may provide estate benefits at the same time. Some examples of advance planning tools that would allow the Donor to “leave a legacy” include the following

Bequests and Wills easily enable anyone with any level of assets to bequest an amount or a percentage to the Foundation. If you have already included the PMH Foundation in your will, please let us know so that we can thank you, acknowledge you, and properly report potential future income. If you wish, your bequest can be kept in confidence and not made available to the public.


Charitable Lead Trusts offer the Donor a method of sharing assets with the Foundation for a period of time, after which the Donor’s heirs would receive the balance of the assets.


Charitable Remainder Trusts are funded by assets of the donor and assures the donor or other beneficiary(s) specified support for a specified period or until donor or beneficiary death, after which the remaining funds transfer to the Foundation.

Insurance Policies can be a vehicle to provide support to the Foundation in two ways. The donor may either designate the PMH Foundation as the sole beneficiary, or the donor may irrevocably assign the existing policy to the Foundation.

To learn about any Gift Planning or Estate Planning or Deferred Gift options, please schedule an appointment with our Director. Your personal Financial Adviser is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Pioneers Memorial Hospital employees can participate through payroll deductions. If you are a PMH employee, and wish more information or to sign up for participation, please contact the Foundation (760) 351-3297 or Human Resources. 

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