The Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation was organized in 1981 by Dr. Robert Chapman, Barbara Cox, Lawrence Dahm, Phyllis Dillard, Neal Jack, Sherman Smith, Louise Wiley, and Jeannie Williams. This group began the foundation to provide supplemental financial resources for the betterment of facilities, services, and programs for the Pioneers Memorial Hospital. Ida Vonderahe donated startup funds as memorial to her late husband Charles.
The Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation was incorporated in 1982 as a 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt not-for-profit organization with a priority to raise funds for a new intensive care unit and expanding the emergency in surgical units. After 5 years of hosting special events, extensive community outreach, and with the generous support of individuals and businesses throughout the northern portion of Imperial County the foundation reached the initial contribution goal of 500,000.PMH Foundation has continued to put its full support toward providing equipment and facilities for the hospital. Cumulative donations as of 2017 have now surpassed $2,600,000.

The Margaret Award
PMHD Foundation Board

The Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors according to established By-Laws. Eligibility to serve as a Director is based on an individual’s commitment to the purpose and mission of the Foundation. Terms are for three years. Directors serve without compensation.

Carter Taylor

Shelvie Crittendon
Past President

Mary Miller 
Vice President 

Don Shank

Shavaun O'Malley King

The “Margaret Award” was created and named in honor of our very first honored recipient, Margaret C. Lassey and is given at our annual gala fundraising dinner.

Mrs. Lassey was committed and dedicated many years of service to the community at Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District. 



The following “Margaret Award” recipients were selected similarly for their contributions and their example to PMHD:

Marselle Cook - 2017

Mike Gilbert – 2016
Greg Smith – 2015
Marvin Lewis Jr. – 2014
Robyn Atadero – 2013
Norm Lassey – 2012
Karen Smith – 2011
Nick C. Pricola – 2010
Katie Martin – 2009
Leo P. Haggarty – 2008
Bill Gates – 2007
Justina Aguirre – 2006
Joyce Sutton – 2005
Margaret C. Lassey – 2004

*as of June 2017 

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